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Unitised Structural Glazing

A unitized structural glazing system is a pre-assembled glazing system. Multiple glazing types and materials can be combined into one “unit” in a quality controlled shop environment. The glazing materials are siliconed in place and allowed to fully cure to give a similar flush exterior appearance to hat of the stick-built system, without the concerns for weather conditions on site (as you should not silicone below 40 degrees Fahrenheit) and quality of sealant application on site by the tradesmen. These units can be installed one panel tall and one panel wide or at times, two panels tall or two panels wide. After the lass, spandrel materials, and anchors are glazed into unit frames within the shop, they are loaded onto flatbed trucks to be installed “just in time” at the job site.
The units receive additional silicone/EPDM gaskets after they are set by crane from the outside, or from each floor to create the “stack joint”. The stack joint acts as the complete air and moisture barrier of the system allowing a weep at each floor. Unitized systems handle movement much better than most others because each panel is gasketed together to be able to move independently with the structure, and the additional movement capacity of the anchors. Generally, these systems are used on mid-rise to high-rise structures that are 20,000 sq. ft. and up where there is high repetition, tight job site access, and high installation labor costs.